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Wash Training, Drone Training or Both

Your Location or Ours

In-Person Training

Our hands-on approach will change the way you or your employees do business. The Spray Wash Academy gives you and your employees the skills to immediately use in every interaction and with every customer.

At Your Location

In-Person On-Site training programs delivered at your location and scheduled to meet your staffing needs.

The Spray Wash Academy will train you and your employees using the drone and equipment you purchased.

What good will it do to land a job if you can't do it correctly or effectively?

Knowing how to wash a building starts with safety and that's where the Spray Wash Academy really excels. Starting with our Plant and Property Protection and Certification Course, we will have your team ready to take on some of the toughest jobs!. 

Engaging Training

Boring lectures are NOT what we do. Your team will have ample opportunities to ask questions, give feedback, discuss as a group, and receive plenty of hands-on practice.

Real Life Scenarios

Our training will utilize real-life situations and scenarios to give your team the best hands-on, memory based, experience as possible.

Consistent Skills

Our hands-on teaching style will help ensure your employees have a firm understanding and consistent skillset to take on the jobs with confidence, even after we leave

Deep Dive Approach

Understanding your training needs, desired learning objectives, and available time commitment will help us create the best overall learning experience for your teams.

Solid Results

Our programs focus on ROI.  As an example, learning to fly a cleaning drone requires us to give each student several hours of flight time and several hours of control manipulation. We want your crew being productive almost immediately.

Ownership Mindset

It's hard to get today's employees focused on an ownership mindset but that's the direction we take them. Empowering each employee to see the company vision and the future role they play.

Our Hands-On packages and pricing Options

Drone training will typically start with 1-2 days of classroom time, followed by hands-on field training, with your new drone.

We want each student to receive ample flight time so, our hands-on training will be based on the number of employees attending. We want a minimum of 4-6 hours of flight time per student, with a minimum of 15 take offs and landings, per student.

Ideally, each employee should continue to practice for a minimum of 6-12 additional hours before approaching some of the simpler jobs and working their way up to the more difficult tasks.

Our 3 day drone training packages (2 Pilots) start at $2,100 plus travel and expenses. Travel and expenses will typically add an additional $1,000-$1500 and are based on actual costs, with no mark-up.

Wash training can typically be completed in 2-3 days, depending on the extent of training needed. We offer roof to road training, meaning we will teach your employees to wash the top of the building to the flatwork (concrete) and most things in-between. 

Wash training pricing is based on customers wants and needs but starts at the same pricing as the drone training - Contact us for pricing.


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