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About Spray Wash Academy

Read the story and meet the experts.

How Did Spray Wash Academy Start?

Doug and Ray started Spray Wash Academy to give aspiring entrepreneurs the education they need to start a successful company, the first try.

The exterior cleaning industry was growing but education was lacking. As a few industry organizations "popped up" so did the unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the everyday contractor.

Ray and Doug, who were known as industry leaders, were constantly pushing the need for honesty and integrity in a quality educational program, when other industry leaders were worried about the bottom line. Spray Wash Academy started from this very basic need and within one year it grew to over 3,000 active members.

Fast forward just two years and the Spray Wash Academy has grown to over 7,000 members and continues to grow to this very day.

Doug and Ray are now embarking on the next chapter in education by launching their online school in March of 2021. It's a simple goal to help the exterior cleaning industry grow as a group of well-educated professionals doing professional-grade work.

We hope you'll join us in this educational journey.


Meet The Experts

It's said that "you can't make money pressure washing." You will be learning from instructors who turned their startup businesses into businesses selling between $750K and $1+ million dollars a year. Ray, Tonya and Doug are your three main instructors and other instructors will be added, in their own special categories.

Ray Burke


Ray began pressure washing in late 2009 simply as a way of trying to feed his family. He made most of the common mistakes that any pressure washing guy would. After getting involved with industry organizations, Ray became a national speaker and trainer... when he's not managing the day-to day crew activities at Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning.

Tonya Burke


Tonya is pure energy! Her non-stop effervescent personality acts as the glue that holds Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning together on a daily basis. As salesperson, administrator, and scheduler, Tonya understands the needs that a cleaning business faces. She also understands the customer's psyche and how to sell!

Doug Gore


Doug launched his company early in 2013 when he was nearly broke. With only a basic understanding of the exterior cleaning industry, Doug sought out to educate himself. He assigned himself a mentor (Ray Burke), joined a few organizations, and began a journey to that not only allowed him to sell his highly successful company but also to help in the creation of the Spray Wash Academy.

Michael Draper

Michael has spent the last 25 years in and around the window cleaning and pressure washing industries. He has owned a successful company in Central IL that provided window cleaning and pressure washing services in the areas of store front, residential, mid-rise and high rise buildings. He has been heavily involved with the IWCA for many of those years even serving on the board of directors for a brief time and being certified by the IWCA as a Rope Descent Specialist. Michael also worked for a safety distributor helping companies not only select but also train employees on the proper use of safety equipment. Recently, he is an authorized anchor inspector and authorized trainer for several fall protection manufacturers as well as a certified trainer by the IWCA. Michael also serves as the Director of Education and Compliance for the PWNA.

Together, they have the experience and success to give entrepreneurs and business owners the education they need to start a successful company, the first try.