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Let's get Certified! 

Plant & Property Protection
Certification Course 

$499.00 $249.50 $275.00 Early Registration! 
(Price will increase to $325.00 on 8/2/2023)
August 23, 2023 - 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM at
The Huge Convention, Nashville, Tn.

Come attend the original Plant and Property class that started a revolution!
Understand scientific sales and how to use this knowledge to out-close your competition!



Pressure washing, Power washing, Roof cleaning, Soft Washing...

The cleaning industry has exploded over the past few years! Whether you want to be a solo owner operator  or own a company with multiple trucks and locations, the choice is yours. The possibilities are truly endless in the cleaning industry however, having a good understanding of what you're cleaning, and the damage you can cause, is imperative and is what sets you apart from your competition. The potential impacts on your customer's property are enormous and can put you out of business.  Each year hundreds of cleaning companies go out of business, many times because of lawsuits or **DENIED insurance claims from damage they caused by improper power washing, softwashing, chemical use or other practices.

The ORIGINAL Plant and Property Protection Certification Class, by Spray Wash Academy, was created to help contractors by better educating them on the dangers of roof cleaning and softwashing. 

Written by two industry leading veterans, Ray Burke, formerly of Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning and current owner at The Power Wash Store of Tallahassee, and Doug Gore, formerly of Cajun Soft Wash and current co-owner at the Spray Wash Academy & PRO, this class delves into manufacturer specific requirements of many common exterior surfaces. Much of the damage is caused by cleaning contractors who don't have an adequate grasp of the specifications or knowledge of what they're cleaning. Sadly, the common thought of "more is better", when it comes to chemical use and high-pressure, is very prevalent in the cleaning industry....nothing could be farther from the truth!

In this class you'll learn about:

  • Property Damage & Exterior Specifics
  • Public Safety
  • PPE
  • Landscaping
  • Salt
  • Neutralizing
  • Oxidation
  • Organic Pigment Paint
  • The lifecycle of bleach - Chemical usage - Do you really know what you are spraying or why?
  • What the manufacturers say about cleaning - Not what someone on Facebook says!
  • Technical sales = higher profits! Set yourself apart from your competition
  • Cleaning a multitude of surfaces - Bleach (SH) is not recommended for ALL surfaces!
  • How to avoid claims - It's the old saying of "when" not "if" you damage something
  • Proper electrical masking & landscape draping - Many cleaning contractors don't do anything....
  • Proper cleaning techniques - chemicals - pressure - brushing - misting - heat
  • Safety - what can happen and why - what you don't know and why that's important
  • Working in public spaces - how - when - where to avoid the public and limit your exposures
  • Galvalume do's and don'ts - is all Galvalume the same and how can we tell?
  • Damage you caused "tomorrow" - Much of your damage isn't readily seen - How to kill the competitors bid!
  • Proper pressures and temperatures - how much is too much and when
  • ProPortioner vs batch mixing - why you should know both methods
  • How to batch mix - let's break down the easy math and keep you out of trouble
  • and so much more!

Our goal is keeping the property and YOUR reputation SAFE!

If there is ONE industry class to take, no matter your Experience level, this is the one!

Note: Attendees of this Live class get online access to additional Plant & Property Protection content. You also must pass the online tests to receive your certification.
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Learn how to Market, Bid and Clean Homeowner Association Projects

$699.00 $275.00 $299.00 Early Registration!

(Price will increase to $365.00 on 8/2/2023)
August 23, 2023 - 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM at
The Huge Convention, Nashville, Tn.

Expert Knowledge by Expert Teachers

Between Bo Josetti, Doug Gore, and Ray Burke's respective companies, they've quite literally washed tens of thousands of residences for Home Owner Associations.  



It's an amazing niche market that can be very profitable, but also wrought with pitfalls.  From pricing to scheduling, to actual completion of the project, each segment can provide you with unique problems and opportunities. In this first of a kind class offered by the teachers at Spray Wash Academy, you'll learn from the experts who made HOA cleaning a profitable and regular niche for their companies.  

Join us in person at the HUGE convention for this segmented special PRE-SHOW class where you will not only get the education needed to help you succeed, you'll also get exclusive access to the instructors who have implemented these teachings into their own respective businesses. Each of your instructors will bring a unique perspective to all aspects of the HOA process and from different areas of the country.

The collaboration of these 3 businesses equates to $Millions in sales, work completed, satisfied customers and yes, even damages that you yourself can avoid.

Early Registration rates won't last forever, so secure your seat ASAP!

In this class you'll learn:

  • Marketing
  • What is COA - HOA - POA
  • Who to contact
  • How to contact
  • Where an when to contact
  • What notices need to be given
  • Who should give any notices
  • Upselling what can't be sold
  • What to do if they only want curbs
  • Who pays and when - Are YOU prepared?
  • Dealing with PO's
  • Can or should you get a deposit
  • Who's responsible for what?
  • Dealing with an HOA Board
  • What if there is no board?
  • What is a CAM and why you should know
  • How to find CAM's
  • Tips for never losing the job once you have it
  • Dealing with multiple scopes of work
  • Do you have the right equipment
  • How many people do you need
  • Ensuring a clear scope of work
  • How many units can you finish in a day
  • Insurance needs
  • Before and after pictures
  • Water and electricity - Where do you get these from?
  • What happens when something goes wrong?
  • Tracking and maintaining progress - Why it's important
  • Safe/orderly jobsites - why this can be the key to the future
  • Dealing with "Special Needs" or open windows
  • How to ask if you won?
  • What to do if you lose the bid
  • Can you blind bid?
  • How to avoid cleaning the wrong place
  • Closing the deal on your very first try....
  • The #1 biggest key to success after landing the job!
  • And So Much More!

(IMPORTANT - WE WILL NOT BE COVERING PLANT AND PROPERTY PROTECTION DURING THIS CLASS - Please purchase the ALL-IN package if you need this training covered)


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All-In at the Huge Convention!

$525.00 USD
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ONLY $525.00!

(Price will increase to $725.00 on 8/2/2023)

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Our early bird pricing is ridiculously cheap, so we can't lower the price for buying both classes but if you buy both classes we can toss in our online class "Effectively Leading a Team"

But let's recap the offer.

  • Plant & Property Protection Live class at the Huge Convention.
  • Online Plant & Property Certification Class (Currently over 6-1/2 hours of learning that you can share with your team on a rainy day!)
  • HOA Live Training class at the Hugh Convention
  • Effectively Leading a Team - Online Course
  • Total of all of the above - $1,247.00
  • Total Savings - $722.50
Buy Now - Seating is Limited!

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